Get all the updates from TEDxManila 2015 at the Institute of Biology Auditorium, UP Diliman, Quezon City last January 10


Innovation Through Community Driven Aid | Sam Bloch

How does a community rise from disaster? Sam Bloch of Communitere elaborates on a community-focused disaster response model that draws its effectivity from the community itself - where victims can decide to stop being victims and be rebuilders.

Communitere founder Sam Bloch is committed to helping out disaster-affected communities with his almost ten years of experience in community rebuilding/renewal.

Finding FINE Fellows | Xavier Alpasa

How do you find your 'why' in social entrepreneurship? What is the springboard from where ideas for the people by the people come from? Father Xavier Alpasa is in search of innovators, nation-builders, and earth advocates that are bent on changing the world for the better, one social enterprise at a time.

Father Xavier Alpasa is a Jesuit social entrepreneur of Philippine society in the fields of social entrepreneurship, governance and academia. He currently teaches MBA while advancing the field of social entrepreneurship through practice, consulting/mentoring and talks.

Imagineering a Filipino Dream | Prim Paypon

Dreaming is something that almost anybody in the world, rich or poor, can relate to. But what happens when the Filipino youth today no longer have the ability to dream, for themselves or for their country? Prim Paypon talks about the Dream Project, which hopes to light the spark in enabling the youth today not just to dream, but to dream big for the nation.

Prim Paypon quit his corporate job become a dream enabler and voluntrainer who founded The Dream Project PH - a non-profit and volunteer-based community initiative which helps build the nation by shaping the dreams of the Filipino youth through creative education, social design innovation, and youth voluntraining.

Has Technology Killed the Musician? | Taken by Cars

Taken By Cars' Bryan Kong and Siopao Chua discuss the massive impact of today's technological advances to musicians, closing it with a performance using iPad music apps and featuring vocalist Sarah Marco.

Taken By Cars is a Filipino band that first appeared in the Manila gig circuit around 2007, successfully building a fiercely devoted following of indie music fans, friends, and peers in the local band scene with their infectious and dance-friendly brand of intelligent and meticulously-crafted brand of indie rock. Fronted by Sarah Marco, Taken by Cars offers a modern, dynamic sound that typically combines precise interplay from the rhythm section, carefully orchestrated guitar and synth lines, and Sarah's fairly androgynous but genuinely compelling vocals. The fact that the band is mostly composed of longtime friends who've been playing music together since their high school days is another major aspect that contributes to their tight chemistry.

Lighting Up the World a Liter at a Time | Illac Diaz

In this day and age of massive wastes and expensive power sources, sustainable energy is needed more than ever. Solar power is one of the front-runners in sustainable energy, and Illac Diaz and his team have found a way to get this technology into the hands of people who live in marginalized communities while at the same time utilizing one of the major sources of waste not just in the Philippines, but all over the world. Illac shares his observations on bringing Liter of Light to parts of the planet in need of it.

Illac Diaz is a social entrepreneur working in the ASEAN region empowering communities through the use of sustainable construction and appropriate technologies through the MyShelter Foundation, several pioneering programs in the country in rammed earth, bamboo, and PET plastic bottle construction. He uses his unique position to inspire others with ideas, vision and passion to create enterprises that uplift sectors of society that would otherwise be forgotten. He is pioneering a whole new field of entrepreneurship, one that seeks to bring the strengths, efficiencies and solutions of business to bear on problems of society.

The Power of Invitation | Karylle Yuzon

Childhaus is a halfway house for children from outside Metro Manila who need a place to stay while they are getting medical treatment in the capital. Karylle shares her experiences in helping organize fantastic events for the children to make their short lives more enjoyable - and sometimes, that joy can lead to a recovery that no medicine can bring about.

As an artist on screen and on stage, Karylle uses her considerable fame and talent to raise awareness on various issues facing the Filipino society, particularly on the welfare of children with terminal illnesses.